Outreach International

Our mission is to assist orphans, Widows and women who are victims of domestic violence with basic needs. Our members and friends, in our communities, share a passion to assist others around the world. 

           Welcome to Outreach Guyana!

We are dedicated to building a better tomorrow by providing for and investing in the lives of poor and orphaned children  in Guyana and around the world.

Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning "the land of many waters...

Many of the orphaned children do not have clean drinking water. Many of them have to walk for many miles to obtain water for their daily needs - as a result, they are often unable to attend school. 
Orphans at St. Ann's Orphanage in Georgetown, Guyana - and orphans in other parts of Guyana are in need of essential items such as:
Books - educational, cultural, religious, misc.
Clothing - new and slightly used; new school uniforms
Baby items - miscellaneous baby clothing, wipes, diapers
School supplies - back packs, pens, pencils, paper, crayons
Footwear - shoes, socks, slippers
 Toys -  dolls,toys
Pocket books, formal and casual purses
Jewelry - watches, earrings, hand made and misc. jewelry
Beauty supplies - skin care creams, lotions, etc.
Musical instruments, CDs, educational videos
Health and wellness supplies
Craft - misc. art supplies and paints
Fruit and vegetable seeds for planting

Our Future Plans...
Purchase children's shoes. Many orphans do not have shoes to wear; they walk for many miles without shoes on their tiny feet.
Purchase computers, educational books and other  tools.
Install much needed wells for clean drinking water.
Build schools in remote villages so that boys and girls will have access to an education.
Provide safe housing; many vulnerable orphans are usually homeless.
Implement nutritious meal programs; many orphans go hungry and are malnourished - they look in garbage dumps for food to eat.





About Guyana...

Guyana is on the northeastern shoulder of South America, bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by Suriname, on the northwest by Venezuela, and on the south and southwest by Brazil. The capital city is Georgetown.

Guyanese culture reflects the influence of African, Indian, Amerindian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish cultures. Guyana is one of a few mainland territories of South America that is considered to be a part of the Caribbean region.

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